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Tea Duelling

Tea DuellingFor the first time ever, Tea Duelling will be taking place at the Coffee & Tea Festival!

What is Tea Duelling, you ask? Tea Duelling is a noble sport of wits, technique and finesse between two individuals. It requires audience participation, biscuits, hot tea and is most entertaining when onlookers are cheering their favorite Duellist and keeping an eye on the opponent. The game begins with each Duellist choosing their “weapon” (biscuit) and preparing to dunk. On the command, the Duellists dunk their biscuits into their tea for a count of five; withdrawing on the count… the battle begins! The Duellists stare each other down and watch for signs of a buckling biscuit; friendly trash-talking is encouraged. The winner is the LAST person to achieve a clean “nom”.

Join the fun as your hosts, Dolly & Birdie, preside over the field of tea in a most splendid and vigorous application of tea and biscuits. No experience necessary. Dolly & Birdie will guide you through the rules.

Come to duel! Come to cheer! Nom Nom Nom! Let the Tea Duelling commence… The battle is real! Tea Duelling

Tea Duelling will be conducted in a single elimination 16-bracket style battling: winners go on to compete against other winners until there is a Grand Champion and Runner-up, both of which are awarded custom-made awards. There is no fee to participate in Tea Duelling. Attendees can sign-up for a spot to tea duel in advance, but a waitlist will be maintained in the event contestants do not show for pre-registration on duel day (pre-registration takes place 30 minute before Tea Duelling starts).

Tea Duelling is scheduled for 1:30pm on both Saturday (12/12) and Sunday (12/13). To register for a spot to compete in advance, please fill out the form below.

If you previously registered as a contestant, we ask that you please register again for the new dates of the event. All registrations received prior to May 28, 2020 have been removed from our system.

Please note the following modifications that will be taking place compared to a typical Tea Duel for your health and safety: Contestants will be distributed a sealed, personal Tea Duel Battle Kit prior to the tea duel. Inside, will be an individual plastic tea cup, a sealed mini bag of tea duelling cookies, and napkins. Each contestant will be responsible for their own tea cup making sure to take his/her cup to each round they may win and progress on to. Additional sealed cookies and napkins will be provided for further rounds. Contestants will also sit 6-feet apart when duelling and conduct their duel on a personal placemat. Contestants are expected to pick-up their placemat and dispose of it, along with any trash he/she created from the duel with the exception of the tea cup. Hand sanitizer will also be available for use.